Students & Guests

UKguests provide safe, quality homestay accommodation with our British hosts.

Students & Visitors

5 Reasons to choose homestay

  • Here at UKguests we believe that living in homestay accommodation is a very rewarding experience for international students and visitors who want to practise their English. It gives them the opportunity to communicate in English with their hosts on a daily basis.
  • Guests gain firsthand experience of life in a traditional British family home.
  • Many of our guests find that their English improves tremendously while staying with their homestay hosts.
  • Living with a British homestay host brings about multicultural awareness for both guests and hosts.
  • Lone students and other visitors who are travelling to the UK for the first time will have the added security of their hosts, who care for their safety and well-being during their stay.

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I think that it is a good idea that international students live in a British family when they come to England. In this way, students can learn English more easily and practise it all the time.