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Spring into an authentic UK experience!

Added: 11th Apr, 2016

Spring into an authentic UK experience! For us, the daffodils blooming across London don't just announce the arrival of Spring, but also of many international students seeking homestay accommoda...

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Free English and Maths courses for EU nationals!

Added: 12th Oct, 2016

UKguests are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the UK's largest provider of skills, training and employment services and are now offering EU nationals free English and Maths courses...

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Here comes the sun (we hope)

Added: 19th Jun, 2015

Although we can't guarantee the sun, we can hopefully brighten your day with good news and lots to look forward to. This summer is set to be our busiest yet as the number of requests for hosts t...

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A very big thank you!

Added: 11th Dec, 2014

Welcome to our first UKguests newsletter! We'll use these newsletters to keep you informed of all the latest legislation, news and information for our homestay hosts. Firstly, we wanted to sa...

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I think that it is a good idea that international students live in a British family when they come to England. In this way, students can learn English more easily and practise it all the time.