Students & Guests

UKguests provide safe, quality homestay accommodation with our British hosts.

Students & Visitors

Why UKguests?

  • Our prices are competitive and affordable.
  • We are a small company and provide a personal service that is second to none, focusing on the specific needs of each individual customer.
  • We offer four categories of homestay throughout London in Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • Our meet and greet service includes transport to the homestay accommodation for individuals and groups.
  • We take great care to ensure that guests with the same native language are not placed together, unless a twin booking is specifically requested.
  • Our friendly team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in working with international clients.

To apply for homestay with us:

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I think that it is a good idea that international students live in a British family when they come to England. In this way, students can learn English more easily and practise it all the time.